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Dear Dojo Cho,

We are proud to be the USA representative for IWAMA SHIN SHIN AIKI SHURENKAI, Hitohira Saito Soke and the Legacy of Morihiro Saito Shihan. If you are interested in hosting Stephanie Yap Sensei for a seminar, there is a certain protocol that must be agreed upon before accepting your invitation.

In hosting Sensei Yap for a seminar there are several requirements that need to be understood and addressed before either parties commit to a date. Some of these requirements are negotiable, and some are less negotiable, but will be able to discuss them in more detail if needed.

  1. Once we have agreed on a date, you will need to compose an advertising flyer of which we will assist you in providing the proper information and pictures to properly promote the seminar and will need to be approved before circulation.
  2. The hosting dojo will pay for Sensei Yaps flight as well as the flight for her otomo (assistant). This is only expected for the first seminar, unless you have a personal relationship with her and she is familiar with you, your dojo and your country. Any seminars thereafter can be scheduled for her alone if preferred. (This only applies for international seminars unless waived by Sensei)
  3. The seminar must be open to all aikido affiliations.
  4. The hosting dojo will pay for hotel expenses for Sensei Yap and must provide accommodations for her otomo as well. (if applicable)
  5. Her otomo will be there to assist you for the first seminar to assure her personal needs and safety are maintained. A proficient English translator will be mandatory throughout the duration of the seminar and Sensei's stay in your country.
  6. Sensei Yaps fees per day will be privately discussed and is due upon her arrival to your country in US$.
  7. The traditional greeting will be two bows, four synchronized claps and a third bow. This greeting will be done at the beginning and at the end of each training session.
  8. The mat must be swept before the morning session, at lunch and at the end of the day. However, the students must clean and mop the tatami after each training day.
  9. In preparing the Kamidana, you must have a picture of O-Sensei and Morihiro Saito Sensei, as well as fresh flowers.
  10. Before entering the tatami, everyone must clean their feet with towels that should be around the tatami.
  11. No kaeshi waza classes will be taught.
  12. Wearing perfume and necklaces or bracelets in keiko is not allowed.
  13. If observers are allowed on the premises, the use of photos, filming, cameras and mobile phones is not allowed.

Please review these terms and if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to developing a prosperous relationship.