Aikido of South Florida
Kids Camps

After School Program Schedule

Drop off available from 3:00 pm

1:30-3:45 School Release and Pick Up
3:00-4:00 Homework/Social Session
4:00-5:00 Yoga/Meditation class
Fun Core Class
5:00-6:00 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - Aikido Class
Tuesdays and Thursdays - Jiu-Jitsu

Teacher Planning, Day Camp,
and Holiday Day Schedule

Click Here to download the Day Camp form.

Drop off available from 7:30 am

8:30 - 9:30 Meditation and Yoga
10:00 - 11:00 Aikido Class
11:30 - 12:00 Lunch
12:00 - 1:30 Off to Young Circle Park
1:30 - 4:30 Arts & Crafts, Samurai Cinema or Field Trip
5:00 - 6:00 Aikido

Aikido of South Florida's primary philosophy for teaching Aikido to children is to develop each child's own natural sense of self-worth through diligent training and discipline. We work to develop children levels of confidence, respect, and awareness though daily practice, patience and perseverance.

Aikido of South Florida highly emphasizes etiquette and discipline in a traditional dojo environment in hopes of integrating these skills into their everyday life for years to come. The benefits of entering aikido at an early age is to develop a calmer, more focused child which in turn promotes a better home life, better choice in peers, better school interaction and better grades. With the right instruction, children are able to overcome physical and emotional difficulties and begin to learn that the path of the warrior is actually the path of peace. Aikido affords children the confidence and integrity needed to avoid conflict and resolve differences peacefully in a manner that will evolve into something far more important and necessary as they mature. Children are naturally active and full of energy. Our responsibility is to provide traditional instruction to all of our students to develop all aspects of their character. Building confidence, focus skills, camaraderie, self-worth and coordination which enhance their ability to interact with others and make better choices will prove to be invaluable tools that will give your child the advantage in life.

Drop off and Pick up for Programs

For our After Studies Activity Program, you may drop off your child at 3:00pm; However, you must pick them up by 6:00pm at the latest to avoid a $25 late pick up charge.

For Holidays and No school days-Drop off is as early as 7:30am with the kids wearing their Aikido of South Florida T-shirt and comfortable shorts or sweats. Pick-up is at 6:00pm. The Children will be release ONLY to the names provided on the registration form. The school must be previously contacted and informed if any other persons will be picking up your child.


Training uniforms, or gi, will be needed for daily practice and can be purchased from us for an additional fee at the time of registration. $80.00 for Aikido, $100 for Jiu-Jitsu, and $30 for an additional rash guard. However, an Aikido uniform is provided when initially registered for a month. .


Fees include prepackaged snacks for the kids each day.

After Studies Activity Program Fees & Payment
Paid weekly $150.00/week
Paid monthly (Only $112.50 per week) $450.00/month

Ask about or family discount and referral program.

After Studies Activity Program weekly tuition of $150.00 is due Friday mornings for the upcoming week and can be made via credit card, debit card or cash only. We can also auto debit your credit card or debit card once a week to ensure timely payment, or just make it a little more convenient for you. For those taking advantage of our discounted monthly payment, fees of $450.00 will be due before the 1st of every month. An additional $50 will be assessed for late payment, insufficient funds or declined funds at the time of debits. As a courtesy to our patrons and participants, Aikido of South Florida has allowed payments to be made weekly as we understand the challenge of making such a large payment in advance. However, although the dues are paid weekly, it is understood that the total amount at the time of registration will be paid in full. There will be no refunds under any circumstances. Non- attendance does not constitute cancellation or release your financial obligation for the weeks enrolled in this agreement.

Teacher Planning and Holiday Day Camp Fees
ASF Members $110.00 per day
Non-Members $135.00 per day

Early Release Fees
After Studies Activity Program members $50.00
ASF Members $55.00
Non-Members $60.00

Discounts: Ask about or family discount and referral program.

Refunds: There will no refunds under any circumstances.

When school is out, make sure your child is mentally and physically active during the breaks and register for our summer camp! Aikido Summer Camp For Kids is the greatest way to keep your child mentally engaged during the summer break. Our summer camp provides an exceptional opportunity for kids ages 5-15 to discover and experience Japanese culture, learn the non-violent martial art of Aikido, Yoga, Meditation, Cooking, Fun Core classes, learn to Write & Speak Japanese, explore their creativity in our Arts & Craft classes and simply submerse themselves in a world of Learn and Create!

Our summer camp set off on several excursions a week such as Ice Skating, CB Smith Park, Paradise Cove water park, Cast Away water park, TY Park and museums. Our summer camp also focuses on several team- building challenges as well. Building confidence, focus skills, camaraderie, self-worth and coordination which enhance their ability to interact with others will prove to be invaluable tools that will give your child the advantage in life.

Our mission during summer camp, as well as all our programs, is to develop all aspects of your child’s character, enhancing their ability to interact with others, confidently make better choices and learn to resolve differences peacefully.

Whether a member of our exceptional Spring Camps, Summer Camps or our After Studies Activity Program, we take enormous pride in providing the highest quality of instruction and care for your child – all in a very clean, disciplined but fun environment.

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