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Hollywood Crisis Center Clothes Drive 2015

Aiki Relief Foundation

I would like to thank all the members of Aikido of South Florida for their generous donations to the Hollywood Crisis Center for the homeless. To no great surprise, and with full confidence, we all came together and exceeded our goals and proved once again the power through unity in our dojo, friends and family.

Sometimes some issues may seem so big that it discourages us to lend a hand as we feel it would not make any difference, but no matter how small, it most definitely makes a difference.

The Hollywood Outreach Center not only provides safe shelter and food, but they also train, direct and educate the homeless towards gaining employment and a new life. They also manage to find placement for children in our local schools so they aren't not deprived of education as well.We ask that everyone step into the closets and grab a couple items in good, or great condition. These items will provide the homeless a better chance to re-enter society and feel more confident in joining their community once again.

My sincere gratitude and appreciation to the dojo members and the Broward/Hollywood Outreach Crisis Center.

This April 2015, I am so proud to say that Aikido of South Florida managed to donate the following items to the Outreach Center:

Men's Clothing:

  • 53 Men's Casual Shirts
  • 42 Button Down Dress Shirts
  • 26 Men's Pants
  • 19 Men's Shoes
  • 22 Men's Shorts
  • 14 Collar Shirts

Women's Clothing:

  • 46 Women's Blouses
  • 27 Girls Blouses
  • 24 Girls T-shirts
  • 16 Socks
  • 24 Women's Pants
  • 14 Women's Shoes
  • 18 Underwear
  • 17 Purses

Children's Clothing:

  • 52 Shirts
  • 34 Pants
  • 21 Girl's blouses
  • 29 Shorts
  • 17 Children's shoes
  • 10 Dresses

Thank you all so very much for your diligence in aikido and the compassion it takes to endure!

Stephanie Yap
Aikido of South Florida and